Hello, I wanted to make sure we start with the proper foundation. There could be many ideas about what Modified Relationship involves yet in my world there is only one real way a relationship can be modified.

First lets start with what I consider a Traditional Relationship. That would include anything where a man and a woman date, marry and begin a vanilla type of lifestyle. Including in that relationship anything that conforms to what is deemed as normal in society. I call this conforming to the societal standards of living. Status quo, mundane living at best.

Let’s take a step further if you have seen 50 Shades of Grey one would think of that as a Modified Relationship I tend to see that as merely a small advancement of a vanilla relationship. Sure toys are fun and pleasurable and yes there are women that enjoy submitting and having their arse smacked and even a good spanking turns them on. Yes all of that makes me wet if I am being honest, but again the only part of all of this that makes it more than a traditional female being submissive to a male as excepted by society is the fact that play that allows for females to experience pleasure isn’t much of a topic of discussion yet these days. As long as the male has his couple of minutes to empty his balls then all is well in society.

Even submissive females want more than that, in fact they need more than that. However, I believe a true Modified Relationship is where the tables are completely flipped. This allows for an amazing experience for everyone involved and becomes a focus rather than an afterthought. You see when one focuses on the other in a relationship then the relationship will flourish.

How does one achieve such focus? A Modified Relationship!

Modified = Male orgasm delay involving female induced erection denial.

It all starts with that. Once a male is denied the very release he wants he becomes malleable. Quickly the sole focus of the male is the pleasure of his partner.

You see even as a submissive female a Modified Relationship will provide the benefits she seeks at a far greater return. Once her pleasure becomes his focus she can train him to her Kinks. One may say or think of this a perverse or perverted however, this is nothing more than kink and kinky so enjoy everything and anything you want to experience. Take your male along for the ride and enjoy the journey.

Weird thoughts turn me on…

I remember as a younger girl watching the SciFi channel and being completely lost in the fascination of their outfits. I would lose hours fantasizing about how those metal outfits must feel tight against their body, contouring around every intimate part the friction I imagined it caused. I would be lost in those weird thoughts, I would be horny as fuck when I came back to reality.

I wanted to feel that each and every time I watched, I had a strong desire to know if it felt as I imagined. While I never really experienced anything like the situations my wild and weird thoughts crelated in my mind, it would completely hypnotize me into utter fascinations and sheer horny madness unlike anything else I would fantasize about.

Maybe this is what has allowed me to fully embrace male chastity and a Modified Relationship, I truly can understand a desire to have my intimate parts fully encapsulated, being able to fulfill that level of desire and then to allow myself to reap any and all benefits derived from a male in such a state of mind. His sheer desire to please is a great side effect from something that can quickly become a way of life.

I have found that this isn’t about emasculation although I guess it could be used as such. For me and the Modified Relationship principle it is about giving males something different within a short period of time a male can find that through pleasuring his partner he himself can find pleasure. He is no longer free to roam per say. The desire to conquest his parter quickly transitions to her pleasure which in turn pleasures him.

The best part is while I still have weird thoughts about some of those costumes I see on TV, I now incorporate his encased penis into those thoughts and turn those thoughts into actions.

I have to say there are times I am sure he doesn’t have any idea as to what is happening but it’s my fantasy and he knows it pleases me. Besides what’s he going to say he knows he’s at my mercy.

Fun With His Denial

His moan as she removes his blindfold is somewhere between bliss and deep dismay: during his last stint left tied to the bed, she has changed into *that* outfit.

The achingly tight red latex shorts, matching bra top, gloves and platform boots leave no room for interpretation: she is dressed to fuck.

The room is warm, stifling with the smell of perfume, lube and rubber. He’s been tied down and spreadeagled for some time now, intermittently left in deprivation between rounds of inventive discomfort at her hands.

By now he looks thoroughly used. His chest and thighs are hatched with livid impact marks and streaks of hardened wax, and his mouth is smeared with lip gloss around the painfully tight bit gag.

His spread limbs twitch in exhaustion among the implements of his ruin: the paddle, the crop, the tape and the slim red plug she spent oh-so-long easing in and out of him, to squeals and gasps of girlish discomfort.

She takes a moment to admire her work, as he groans and shakes his head weakly in protest. She gently reminds him of his lack of choice in the matter and, keeping her eyes fixed on his, peels off the hotpants.

Sure enough, despite his protests, his cock responds.

The base of his erection is firmly tied with a red silk ribbon, to keep him hard through the bouts of torture but more importantly – as she had remarked earlier while tying him off with a neat little bow – to make his boy parts look more pretty.

The poor thing, already sore and sticky from her earlier vibrator games, quivers as she kneels onto the bed and takes it into her glossy red palm.

She rolls a thick condom onto him with nimble fingers, and smiles knowingly. Dirty fetishist as he is, the addition of the lubed rubber sheath will only make things all the more unbearable for him.

Her knees press in on either side of his hips; his breathing quickens as she lowers her slickened crotch to bump against his head. She guides him to sit parallel to her cleft, and presses his cock against his belly, rocking slowly back and forth.

After a while, his little choking groans become whispers. He is begging her, pleading through the gag. Begging her to ride him, to let him have just one orgasm inside her, rather than ripped out of him with a gloved hand or a vibrator.

To his evident surprise she reaches between her legs, takes him gently in her fingers, and pops him into place. With one forceful slide of the hips he is taken all the way inside, and all the breath leaves his body at once.

They stay like that for a long moment, his expression hard and hungry, her smile calm as she clenches against his twitches. He flexes in his bonds, but he has no purchase – all he can do is look up at her and fuck her with his mascara-smeared eyes.

“Hmmm” she says, pursing her lips, “maybe later, darling.”

She is unable to resist breaking into a grin as his face floods with panic; his scream as she pulls away is simply delicious.

The sobbing starts just as she gets his blindfold back on.


It started out as off limits however, over time I began to incorporate his arsehole in his training. I found the longer he was in chastity the easier this became, in fact there have been several unforeseeable benefits.

Let me share the one that surprised me the most. I’ve found that milking him prior to release and use has a couple benefits, the biggest being that when I use his cock for my pleasure if he has been milked properly I can use him as my toy longer cause he no longer has much of a need to cum in fact more times than not he can’t. He has become my real life dildo teehee.

Milking takes a little while to get good at so most tend to give up on it too quickly. It like anything else that takes some time is well worth it for the benefits. While I love to play and milk him and watch his restrained cock cry this is not the sort of milking that provides the results I am referring to. I’ve found that if I decide that I may want to play with his cock I now share this with him in the morning and that he must insert some sort of arse plug before leaving for work and wear it the entire day. Yes, at first he protested but once I expressed that his little cock wasn’t going to be unlocked without this added step and making him wait as long as I had it was a very short period of a protest. This sort of milking I have found to be extremely beneficial for me as it causes him to leak all day and while that tends to make me laugh at his situation it also tends to make me horny. Most importantly though is the fact that when and if I do decide to use him later that night this seems to make him last longer than he every would’ve in the past and I find myself able to get what I want and put my toy away before any mess can be made if you catch my drift.

It’s definitely worth a try or two or three. Who knows maybe it will become a good thing for you as well.

Maybe this is what’s next for you!

Using cock in a Modified Relationship

Let me just start by saying I love cock. I love playing with it, licking and sucking it, to feel a cock fill my pussy.

So why would I be a part of a Modified Relationship I get asked all the time.

Honestly as much as I love those things I love how controlling a cock makes me feel even more. I love how it changes his demeanor and attitude not just towards me but everything else. Knowing he’s horny, edged and denied makes me wet. Being in control of how his cock is allowed to be used creates some amazingly Dirty thoughts teehee. In fact I find myself referring to it as my cock. Just because it’s attached to him means nothing cause I hold the key and only when I want his little member to have any attention does it see any freedom from my cage.

Let me start with my idea of playing with a cock in a Modified Relationship, I stroked the tip from just underneath the head to the tip by using my fingertips only. Never actually stroking the shaft. The only other part of a cock that gets any hand attention are the balls pulling and squeezing on them or sucking on them while stroking has proven to be sheer pleasure (torture) teehee.

Next let me explain licking. I love to have a big cock in my mouth, however my husband is far from big. It is fun just to lick a smaller cock just like a lollipop. Just the tip with a few licks every now and again this I have found to be as satisfying as actually sucking a large mouth filling, deep throat reaching cock. Cause it is such torment just like his small cock is torment for me never actually reaching the deep areas that make a woman tingle from the inside out. Who ever said size doesn’t matter has never orgasmed on a huge cock, that makes me sad for them. Regardless there are many ways a man with a small cock can pleasure a woman and provide her orgasms just don’t try to convince me size doesn’t matter.

Small cocks are nothing more than toys sorry fellas but that’s the cold hard truth. When you come to understand this you better understand my explanation of use. As I said earlier I love having a cock fill my pussy and even a small cock feels good but it doesn’t do the same as a large pussy stretching, depth reaching rubbing against all the right spots, hitting all the right angles well hung stud can give. Again just another cold hard truth. When I don’t have one of those around I’ll make do with my toy teehee. I’ll climb on top and let him get a feel of what he’s missing all locked away.

At the end of all of that he gets to watch me have as many orgasms as I like. Then it’s lock up time cause little cock toys rarely cum. Teheehee….

That serves as his reminder that I can orgasm with or without him and that nothing about my pleasure requires him and that while I enjoy his pleasuring me if he ever gets lazy I’ll be just fine taking care of my need to orgasm.

Chastity Keeps Him Sane

This was something he shared with me in an off the cuff conversation.

While he did say the torment of denial and his desire to cum does keep him in a rather frenzied state, outside of that there seems to be a new level of calm to his day that he feels he can attribute to his cock being locked away in its new little cage. It simply keeps me sane he offered.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting that but I’ll take it and keep that information safe.

Now I will have to convert his desire to cum to a desire to pleasure. The more I offer up my pussy and encourage him that his desire is to provide me orgasms the sooner he’ll only have to deal with the torment of denial. That’s only because I am such a good tease, teehee.

The best way to take your man

3 day weekend… Friday Special posting!!!

Ladies I am not talking about taking his cock in fact for this to really be effective leave his cock locked up and struggling.

No what I am referring to is taking your males ass but doing so while being filled. And stimulated.

Ladies have you ever wished you had a stiff cock? Have you ever wondered what it was like to yield that dominance of taking someone from behind?

Problem solved in the best way possible. Not only does this strapless strapon fill your pussy, they allow for much more direct contact with the action, and allows you to receive direct pleasure yourself.

Take a minute and do a search for strapless strap one and pick yourself up one today. You will enjoy this in more ways than one.

Why I say YES to his girlfriends

I have often been harshly criticized for this topic. But I do accept my male having a girlfriend in fact I even encourage him by either finding a girlfriend that I approve of or I’ll fond one for him. Of course there are some exceptions to this.

  • I have to approve of them he is to introduce me to her prior to their date
  • She is to be made aware of and accept his chastity on their first date.
  • Once she has been made aware of his chastity she is to text me her acceptance 
  • I then encouraged her to have as much fun with him as she wants and to be sure that he satisfies her needs 

Why would I do this you ask? I see this as a great way to train a male. Anything he learns from these encounters greatly benefit me and I have the satisfaction in knowing that his locked up cock and orgasms are reserved solely for me and this fuels his arousal and pent up sexual energies. I say don’t knock it until you try it. See for yourself the state your male comes back to you from such encounters. Better yet there will be techniques learned from these experiences that will be beneficial I can almost promise.

The Appointment

I read many stories and have often thought of trying out a few of my own. That coupled with a fascination of being a Dr. I decided to give my first story a try. This is a blended story of some personal fantasy, fiction and many life experiences, so hopefully I can bring it all together and capture it for my audience.

*******Good morning, I am Dr. Brandi Kamica I am an ob/gyn and until recently I have concentrated my practice on the younger women for many personal reasons.
Being a victim of undesired sexual experiences I wanted to use my voice as a woman. Let me just clarify I wasn’t raped or even sexually assaulted I would say more like sexually insulted.
I spent a few relationships pleasuring but never really being pleasured. Let me start with the fact that I enjoy performing fellatio, I can get off worshiping cock. However, I’ve found that once you perform this simple act even though you thoroughly enjoy it, it becomes nothing more than a duty. I once read that blowjobs are an integral part of becoming an ideal girlfriend. That being good at them will massively boost your chances of being a dream girl.
While I have always hated the term blowjob, as that does make it sound like a duty, or worse work. Whenever a partner referred to it as such I noticed it changed my mood and had me thinking of it as a duty and makes the act boring. I get super horny about performing or even thoughts of performing fellatio. To me fellatio is like licking a juicy lollipop with a delicious center, that ends with a refreshing taste and a rather grateful owner.
In my opinion “blowjob” or “sucking dick” is degrading and once that clicked in my head I have never allowed myself to be order to do either of these since. In fact I have taken it a step further and I will never go down on somebody that hasn’t first went down on me. And They best bring me to orgasm in order for me to ever consider returning the favor.
These are now some of my more important tips that I offer to any woman, unless being degraded is a turn on and I know there are those out there that enjoy that, you be you, but that’s not my cup of tea. I perform fellatio and enjoy it, yet only after he has proven himself worthy of my cock worship. These are things I’ve figured out through experience and try to help others not necessarily have to make similar mistakes.
These are points I share with all the young ladies as we discuss certain things during their visits in my practice.
However, recently as I mentioned I have added an entirely new age group with an entirely new niche.
Over the years I have developed a fellatio simulator and recently began testing the concept out through a group of testers offering $1000 to half a dozen ladies that wanted to have a better understanding and mastery of the technique. These ladies ranged between 35-45 as I wanted veterans or so they thought of themselves as veterans, none of these six ladies performed fellatio. Blowjobs, sure you could call it that. Sucking dick is really all they were doing.
You see my simulator has been designed to grade the process and none of the ladies scored higher than 10 on the scale of 110.
Thankfully like myself these ladies liked acquiring this new skill and truly helped out the project and has helped make it even more successful than even I could have imagined. Their input throughout the testing.
I now offer a beginner, intermediate and advanced fellatio training as well as a couple of custom offerings and suggestions coming in for adding more every day.
My new niche has become a big big deal.
Let me share one of my most recent clientsI had a lady in her early 40’s come in for an appointment one day and we were discussing the three levels in fact I created my first custom simulation for her, once she told me her ideas I started referring to her as Amanda Tease. Cause she always had a man to tease and her story opened my eyes to an entirely new community of already established members.
Amanda and her mate have become well known in the male chastity and orgasm denial scene. Yet Amanda was looking to step up her game and take things to a whole new level.
I agreed to create a custom simulation for her but while she waited for me to do so I recommended that she spend a month on each of the current simulations. She agreed even though she felt she was 1 proficient in this area and 2 didn’t really need this given that her mate was usually locked in male chastity. Yet she knee it could provide for some fun times while he was out.
Amanda agreed to 4 sessions a week and her first was going to be after her scheduled appointment.
I called for my assistant, provide Amanda 2 fellatio tabs as she is going to start training after her appointment and show her to exam room 3. I’ll be in after a few minutes.
I sat in my office thinking about the conversation I just had, how aroused I was and the dollar signs this opportunity could provide. I’ve never even considered anything like this in fact most of it was new to me only really learning about it during Amanda and I’s conversation.
I looked and almost ten minutes had passed lost in the thoughts, the possibilities. I gathered my things and made my way to exam room 3.
Amanda was laying on the table covered only by the paper sheet my assistant provided feet already in the stirrups. I made my way to the counter glanced over the tray that my assistant had prepared, while washing my hands I decided to change out the lube not that it would matter for the appointment but it just may make the simulation more inter For Amanda.
I turned and looked towards Amanda and rolled the tray towards her as I moved in her direction. I will start with the breast exam could you put your left arm above your head. As Amanda did so I folded the sheet down to expose her chest. For an early forties woman they where some nice tits if I say so myself. As I went about with the exam to my surprise she produced milk. Amanda actually smiled at my expression, it doesn’t flow like I would like it too but it’s enough for what it’s used for.
And what is it used for if you don’t mind my curiosity? Every morning when I make my mate his coffee I add milk. 2 cups, 2 tits perfect every time. Amanda looks up and grins. I was surprised by the arousal I felt deep in my loins.
After checking both breasts it was time to move to the pelvic exam. I am sure you know how this works Amanda but I will talk you through my process. As I snapped my glove on my right hand I said to her, I will start with a generous dab of gel and do the initial exam. I will be inserting two fingers. With two fingers at her entrance I laid my left hand on her abdomen and applied some pressure. All good there next I will be preparing you for your pap. I will be using a medium size speculum I explained to her. I pulled up the stool sat between her legs and looked as I prepared to insert the speculum. One placed I always look to my patients face as I set the tool I have always monitored their expression so I know if they are in discomfort. These exams are a complete violation to a woman but they don’t have to be and shouldn’t be painful. Ok Amanda I will now be inserting the tip to finish the exam. And just that quick the smear was complete. I reach for one last swab and as I release and remove the speculum I tap Amanda’s clit with the swab.
Amanda from what I can see everything appears healthy but the results will be back within ten days. I will send my assistant back in and she can escort you to simulation room 1 for your first session.
Amanda had barely finished getting dress when the assistant knocked and entered the room. SR1 is ready for you shall we go? She turned and walked out the door, Amanda followed.
Down the hall around the corner and through a door the assistant led Amanda just a little further she says, just down here on the right. Once there the assistant shut the door behind me. I hear her doing something out in the hall. The wall in front of me comes on it is a full size screen. There are instructions to read as they scroll up the screen and better into view.
You have entered the beginners stage of the fellatio simulation. There is a set of headphones place them over your ears accordingly and we will begin once the remainder of the instructions play. Shortly you will be introduced to Jake over the next 30 days he will be your simulation. Jake will talk to you and guide you through the beginners training. You will also see a gauge displayed that shows you current progress in each level. With the maximum being 110 cause when you find something you enjoy you should always give 110%.
The display transitions into the next stage. A very nice beginner size phallus is extended from an opening in the display area exactly where a cock would be on Jake if Jake where real and not virtual. It reminds me of a glory hole with one sided glass or something like that. In my ears I hear Jake begin to encourage me, when you’re ready take my cock in your hands begin to stroke and get comfortable with our arrangement. Kiss the tip and feel free to take some time to adjust. Amanda reached for the artificial cock and upon gripping it she was surprised by how life like it felt. What surprised her more was how quickly she dropped to her knees and was wanting to put the tip of it in her mouth as if Jakes mere suggestion brought her to her knees and the tip of this cock to her mouth.
….to be continued

The Waiting Post part 2

Well it finally happened. I missed the 15 minute window and boy was he shocked.

Literally that is. At the 16 minute mark and every 30 seconds thereafter along with the vibrating a shock is sent each shock has added intensity the longer it goes.

Due to an accident I sat in traffic that day almost an hour. Needless to say I was 45 minutes late getting home. My male was a mess.

I have to admit I loved it. He on the other hand not so much. At least that’s what he claims but what I found clearly says otherwise.

Let me explain, yes the shocking thing wasn’t pleasant for him it was clear it pleasured him. When I finally arrived home the first thing I noticed was on the floor between his legs was a puddle of cum but my biggest surprise was the fact that there was a string of cum from the tip of his caged cock all the way to the puddle. I’ve seen him leak before but this was amazing.

I asked him what do we have here. The best he could explain was with each shock no matter how intense his ass clinched tightly on the intruder.

I can honestly say I now know what milking should look like.

This would have never happened if he hadn’t been in chastity.

I love what having his cock caged has given me, has shown me.

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